"But magic there often was in Roughton-Arnold’s vocalising, ranging from the most delicate sliding between pitches and most hushed of consonants – jewels of musical noise in themselves – to grim violence."

Edward Bhesania, THE STAGE

"Joanne Roughton-Arnold’s clear, forensic and cool soprano is spellbinding, as is her mix of wifely anxiety and queenly composure, confessed with appealing frankness...

Joanne Roughton-Arnold proved to be a brilliant exponent of the sprechstimme style demanded by Schoenberg of his performer, using her spoken voice rhythmically to reach the myriad range of pitches and tones of this severely challenging piece."

Charlotte Valori, MY THEATRE MATES

"An unforgettable premiere... A superb operatic performance that deserves to be repeated throughout New Zealand."

Margot Hannigan, NELSON MAIL

"I can't think when I've ever seen something I've written so spectacularly embodied."

Fleur Adcock CNZM OBE

librettist for Iris Dreaming

"A startlingly impressive singer, with a soprano voice capable of performing unusual feats of agility and high tessitura."

Lionel Friend

"Joanne Roughton-Arnold, one of Ms Miricioiu’s pupils, sounded like a possible Violetta of the future while taking the small role of Annina."